Linux Administration
We are a small consulting firm based in Australia providing Linux Administration services to a growing international client base.

Services include installation, configuration and support for Linux Operating systems, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Vmware, Apache/PHP Web server management, server hardware builds, server monitoring systems, server redundancy designs, system Python/Bash scripting and a range of backup solutions.

We cater for an international client base providing onsite and offsite occasional and/or regular support for our client systems depending on indvidual needs.
  • Linux operating systems and platforms - Our operating system of choice is the Debian based Ubuntu operating system. Our clients use systems ranging from Hoary all the way to Lucid. We are experienced with installation and configuration of MDADM software raid and DRBD Server raid coupled with Heartbeat to create completely redundant server environments. File system preferences include XFS, EXT3 and EXT4.
  • File Servers - We use Samba to configure file server environments on Linux servers that are compatible with most workstation platforms including Mac OSX, Windows and Linux desktops. These are often combined with either MDADM or DRBD to ensure a high level of security and redundancy of your data.
  • Virtual Servers - Virtual servers are typically installed and configured using Vmware 1.0 to Vmware ESXi taking full use of underlying hardware resources and making it easy to add additional servers on request.
  • Database Servers - Our clients primarily use PostgreSQL and MySql databases. These are often combined with either MDADM or DRBD to ensure a high level of security and redundancy of your data. We write and installed scripted onsite and offsite backup solutions to ensure minimal data loss and maximum server availability in event of server failures.
  • Web Server Managment - Apache/PHP is the most common web environments managed. We install and configure virtual hosts, configure SSL certificates, Credit card authentication services and many web related services and applications.
  • Scripting Languages - Our primary scripting environments include Python, Unix Shell Scripts and PHP. We write custom scripts to suit your exact needs and environment.
We pride ourself in friendly, prompt response to any queries or tasks. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information of our services and rates.